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Tình trạng: Fullbox – 100%

Bảo hành: 36 tháng

AMD socketTR4 EATX motherboard with M.2 Heatsink, DDR4 3600MHz, Dual M.2, U.2, SATA 6Gb/s, Front-panel USB 3.1 Gen 2 connector

  • Ready for Ryzen™: Latest AMD socketTR4 for Threadripper™ processors.
  • 5-Way Optimization: One-click, system-wide tuning, delivering optimized overclocks and intelligent cooling for CPU or GPU-intensive tasks.
  • Industry-leading cooling options: Comprehensive controls for fans and water pumps, via Fan Xpert 4 software or the acclaimed ASUS UEFI.
  • Next-gen connectivity: Onboard U.2, M.2 and front-panel USB 3.1 Gen 2 connector.
  • M.2 heatsink: Ultra-efficient heatsink reduces M.2 SSD temperatures by up to 20°C for unthrottled transfer speeds and enhanced reliability.
  • Aura Sync: Controllable onboard RGB lighting easily syncs with an ever-growing portfolio of Aura Sync-capable hardware.

Tune it your way
Connect everything, ultra-fast
Step up to multi-GPU graphics
Upgrade to unrivalled audio
Make it your own

USB BIOS Flashback™

8 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Ports

Intel® Gb LAN

USB 3.1 Gen 2 
Type A/C Ports

8 CH Audio with 
DTS Support

4 x PCIe 3.0 (GEN3)
2-Way/3-Way SLI & CFX Support

Crystal Sound 3
  • Power pre-regulator
  • Internal audio ampilier
  • De-pop circuit
  • Separate layer for left/right track
  • Premium Japan-made audio capacitors

DIGI+ Power Control

DDR4 3600(O.C.) Support

AMD SocketTR4

M.2 Slot

USB 3.1 Gen 2 Front-Panel Connector

ASUS SafeSlot

U.2 Port

6 x SATA 6Gb/s

M.2 Heatsink


ASUS Prime X399-A is the EATX motherboard that's been expertly engineered for professional content creators and power users who work hard by day and play harder by night. This powerful, innovative board puts a friendly face on advanced enthusiast controls, enabling you to maximize performance, cooling and personalization with ease. So, if you live to create, explore, and to push the boundaries, look no further than the Prime X399-A.

Ready for 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Threadripper

The Prime X399-A Cooling Kit contains an SOC heatsink and a fan bracket, designed to cool vital motherboard power delivery areas to enhance the overclocking potential of 2nd Gen Threadripper WX Series Processors.

Tune it your way

5-Way Optimization

One-click overclock and cooling, done!

One click takes care of all that complex tuning. ASUS 5-Way Optimization makes your PC smart. It dynamically optimizes essential aspects of the system, providing overclocking and cooling profiles that are tailored for your rig.

An automated tuning utility that optimizes overclocking and cooling profiles for your unique system configuration.

Fans stay whisper-quiet for everyday computing, and deliver optimal airflow when the system is crunching through CPU or GPU-intensive tasks.

All-new stress test that allows users to optimize and overclock for CPU or memory-centric workloads.

Overclock CPU


CPU :  Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 1950X | Motherboard: PRIME X399-A | DRAM: G.Skill F4-3866C18Q-16GTZ | PSU: Cooler Master-RS850-AFBA-G1 | Water-cooling : Corsair H115i

Cooler by design

Prime X399-A features the most comprehensive cooling controls ever, configurable via Fan Xpert 4 or the UEFI BIOS:

Each header can be set to monitor and react to three thermal sensors, and via Fan Xpert 4 you can even assign a sensor to monitor the temperature of supported ASUS graphics cards, for optimal cooling during GPU or CPU-intensive workloads.

Media-acclaimed UEFI BIOS

The smoothest, slickest mouse-controlled graphical BIOS has been improved to make it even more appealing. Whether you're a PC novice or a seasoned overclocker, the EZ and Advanced Modes help you find your way, quickly and easily.

EZ Tuning WizardQuickly apply a CPU overclock to improve system performance

My FavoritesQuickly discover tuning options and add preferred tools to the list.

Learn more

Make your memory go faster

Prime X399-A is engineered to support quad-channel memory kits rated up to a staggering DDR4 3600MHz, allowing you to get the best performance from the X399 platform. We've worked with all major DDR4 memory vendors to help ensure compatibility, so you're assured the best compatibility.

OC Design – ASUS Pro Clock Technology

A dedicated base-clock generator that extends CPU and memory overclocking margins. This custom solution works in tandem with the TPU to enhance voltage and base-clock overclocking control, providing the flexibility to extract every ounce of performance from Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processors.

BCLK Range


*BCLK overclocking range will vary according to CPU capabilities, cooling, motherboard support and tuning options. 
CPU : Ryzen™ Threadripper™ 1950X | Motherboard: PRIME X399-A | DRAM: G.Skill F4-3866C18Q-16GTZ | PSU: Cooler Master-RS850-AFBA-G1 | Water-cooling : Corsair H115i
Learn more
Connect everything, ultra-fast


Speed up with onboard M.2 up to 32Gbps

With x4 PCI Express 3.0/2.0 bandwidth, M.2 supports up to 32Gbps data-transfer speeds. It is the perfect choice for an operating system or application drive, providing fast access to data.

M.2 heatsink

Keep your SSD cooler

Prime X399-A has an ultra-efficient heatsink to reduce M.2 SSD temperatures by up to 20°C — and that means optimal storage performance and improved SSD longevity.

U.2 connector

Join the NVMe revolution

The revolutionary specification that lets your SSDs scream at top speed. Just attach your chosen drive to with plug-and-play ease to experience data-transfer speeds of up to 32Gbps — and free up a PCIe slot for another expansion card.

USB 3.1 Gen 2 front-panel connector

Future-proof connectivity

Prime X399-A's front panel USB 3.1 connector is ready for next-gen PC cases and devices.

USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A & Type-C

Ultimate-speed 10Gbps with USB 3.1 onboard

With backward-compatible USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A™ and reversible USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C™ ports, you'll experience ultimate connection flexibility and blazing data-transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps.

Intel Ethernet

More throughput, less CPU usage

Prime X399-A features the latest Intel Ethernet. Intel's LAN has the advantage of reducing CPU overhead and offering exceptionally high TCP and UDP throughput for faster, smoother data transfer.

Lower CPU workload
High TCP & UDP throughput
Learn more
Step up to multi-GPU graphics

Multi-GPU support

With support for both NVIDIA® SLI™ and AMD CrossFireX™ 2/3-WAY configurations, Prime X399-A motherboard enables multi-GPU setups so you can harness the full power of the latest graphics technologies to drive games at 4K and beyond.


Protect your graphics card investment

SafeSlot* is the PCIe slot reinvented by ASUS and engineered to provide superior retention and shearing resistance. Manufactured in a single step using a new insert-molding process, SafeSlot integrates the slot with fortifying metal for an inherently stronger slot, which is then firmly anchored to the PCB through additional solder points.

*Patent pending
Upgrade to unrivalled audio

Outstanding audio

Realtek codec and unique design features for pristine, powerful audio

Prime X399-A utilizes a unique audio codec designed in close collaboration with Realtek — the Realtek S1220A. It also features an unprecedented 120dB signal-to-noise ratio for the stereo line-out and a 113dB SNR for the line-in, providing pristine audio quality. Additionally, a new impedance-sensing circuit automatically adjusts gain to ensure the optimal volume range for your headphones.

DTS Headphone:XTMSurround sound, to go

Immersive 3D surround-sound technology provides incredible audio experiences.

Crystal Sound 3

Flawless audio that makes you part of the game

Power pre-regulator

Reduces power-input noise to ensure consistent performance.

Audio shielding

Separates analog/digital signal domains, significantly reducing multi-lateral interference.

Separate layer for left and right tracks

Ensures minimal crosstalk between audio paths.

Integrated amplifier

Capable of driving high-impedance headphones, without rolling-off high or low frequencies.

De-pop circuit

Reduces start-up popping noise to all audio outputs.

Premium Japanese-made audio capacitors

Premium parts provide an immersive sound signature, with exceptional fidelity.

Make it your own

Aura Sync

Outshine your competition

A well-tuned enthusiast system deserves a matching aesthetic. ASUS Aura offers full RGB lighting control with a variety of functional presets for the built-in RGB LEDs as well as strips connected to the onboard RGB header.* And it can all be synced with an ever-growing portfolio of Aura-capable ASUS hardware.

Color Cycle
Flash &
Yo Yo

* The Aura RGB-strip header supports standard 5050 RGB LED strips with a maximum power rating of 2A (12V). For maximum brightness, strip length should not exceed 2m. 
**One extension cable is included. LED Strips and Aura-compatible devices are sold separately. 

Exclusive 3D mount for easy installation

Make it your own

Dedicated 3D mounts on the motherboard makes fitting 3D-printed parts easy. Using the same screws as M.2 drives and standard motherboard mounting holes, you can easily add nameplates and cable covers.

M.2 fan holderA fan mount for M.2 drives to help prevent thermal throttling.

Learn more

Ready for AMD SocketTR4 Ryzen ThreadripperThe ASUS Prime X399-A motherboard supports the latest 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ and AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processors. Based on the innovative Zen core architecture, the high-performance Threadripper CPUs boast up to 32 cores. AMD SocketTR4 processors feature quad-channel DDR4 memory, 64 lanes of PCI Express® 3.0 and native 5Gbps USB 3.0 for superb performance.

AMD X399 chipsetThe AMD X399 chipset delivers outstanding overclocking capabilities for the latest AMD SocketTR4 Ryzen™ Threadripper™ processors. It's optimized for multiple GPU configurations, including NVDIA SLI™ and AMD CrossFireX™. It also provides two 10Gbps USB 3.1 ports and eight 6Gbps SATA ports for faster data retrieval.

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