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Loa Creative Sound Blasterx Katana 7.1

Giá Cũ:6,990,000₫
Giá KM:6,290,000₫

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The Sound BlasterX Katana is as much of a deadly weapon as its namesake. It fits right under your monitor with a slimness that's unmatched by other gaming “sound bars”, and is powered by the award winning multi-core audio DSP making it the world's first true Under Monitor Audio System (UMAS).  

The Katana gives you an immersive audio experience for your games and movies with the BlasterX Acoustic Engine and Dolby Digital 5.1 Decoder. This audio system embodies the perfect combination of our most powerful 24-bit high resolution DAC and sophisticated 5-driver system. Equipped with a plethora of connectivity options, you can trust the Katana to be one of the most versatile and most powerful speakers to ever grace your desktop.


The Katana can be effortlessly tucked right under your monitors and TV. With a slim profile shorter than 60mm, this Under Monitor Audio System is drastically superior in form and function to ordinary “gaming soundbars” and is perfect for all setups.


The Katana incorporates the Aurora Reactive lighting system, where its base is lined with 49 programmable LED lights from edge to edge. With the accompanying free Sound Blaster Connect software, you can choose from up to 16.8 million colours and fully customize your ambience lighting effects to create your own unique profile that elevates your visual experiences

Inside the Gaming Soundbar

The Katana houses a 5-driver design - two up-firing midbass drivers and two high-excursion tweeters in the soundbar, and one long-throw driver in its subwoofer. Each driver is individually chambered and powered by a DSP-controlled amplifier to deliver ultra-precise audio.

Tri-Amplified Design: Put the Cutting Edge in Audio

In a league of its own, the Katana is enhanced by our proprietary multi-core Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to deliver superb audio performance - two dedicated to driving mids, another two dedicated to deliver the high frequencies, and one dedicated to churn out heart-pounding bass. The result? You’ll be able to hear all the details that other speakers fail to deliver. 

Together with its game-changing tri-amplified design with a total output of 75RMS/150W, the Katana truly is most powerful in its class.

Comprehensive Connectivity Options

#SetupGoals are now achievable with the Katana. Comes equipped with comprehensive connectivity connections, the Katana is versatile and compatible with many multimedia devices.

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